Bloodbraid Elf

Past Cosplay: September-October 2013

Character: Bloodbraid Elf from Magic: the Gathering

Description: “Here we have a lovely amazonian elf who’s lost her way. Or perhaps found it. For followers of Magic: the Gathering, this is a Naya vixen who found life in the barbaric wild of the jungle just a touch too safe and mundane. So she decided to venture to a place where you can become barbecue at any second, just because the land beneath you felt like burping.” –Steve Arglye

Worn to: (nowhere yet)


I may have fallen in love with this art at Gencon when I met Steve Argyle, one of my favorite Magic artists. I loved the complexity and the texture, the details, the colours, I just loved everything about this character. (And her card was awesome too).

“I’ve decided that this winter… I’m gonna cosplay Bloodbraid Elf from MTG.

I’m 99.9999% sure this will be the most complicated cosplay I’ve ever done. She has like 80 million braids with all sorts of stuff woven in. And necklaces. And bones. And bracers. And hides. And pointy ears. And don’t even get me started on that obsidian headdress… (seriously, Mr. Argyle, it defies gravity).

But it is gonna be so totally worth it. :D I’m really excited to figure out how to manage this!”



Just doing what I know how to do first… Foam armor! Hence her vambrace being the first thing done.


My first (or second time) using paperclay. SInce then it’s become my sculpting material of choice. I love the stuff.

I was working on the skull she carries (the crazy one), and I accidentally made it too big without realizing. (I still have it at this stage of completion somewhere in my closet).


How do I make obsidian spikes? Hmmm? Oh. PAPERCLAY!!! (painted and covered in mod podge)


Skull #2

“The skull for my Bloodbraid Elf cosplay is finally done. (This is actually the second one,  the first one I realized was too big just after the paperclay had dried).

Weathering this was a lot of fun. I’m glad Steve made the skull crazy (I made it look deformed too, my headcannon is that BBE likes collecting strange things, that’s why she has so many trinkets).”


Wig work and rest of the costume (made very simply out of fake leather, sack cloth, and hot glue).


Everything is done! Yay!


Took some pictures. (I like this one except the neck thing had just fallen off :/ ).

I want to have a photoshoot with her eventually, but there are a few things to do first: lose the flub/tone up, and get a new wig. This one was awful. I’m leaning towards the Tauriel in Titanium Blone/White from Arda wigs, but it’s $75 and I don’t have that type of money right now.


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