Cosplay Portfolio

A lot of the time I’m asked why I cosplay. Why would anyone want to spend a ton of time and money to dress up like “weird fantasy people”?

My love of cosplay stems from the creative side, and is equal parts process and product.  I enjoy the challenge of creating something 3D and very real, from an artist’s 2D concept– of looking at something and thinking “how could I possibly make that work?” The work is frustrating, but it allows me to learn and grow as an artist and creator. It opens doors to hidden opportunities in the costume/makeup/modeling industries, it allows you to meet an infinite number of other hard-working, talented people. That sense of community, friendship, and collaboration is what brings us weird nerd people together in this hobby.  Walking around a convention in a cosplay is a reward in and of itself, not just because of the attention, but the reactions people have when seeing their favorite characters (or mortal enemies) come to life. It’s something really special to me, and I want to share my creation, art, and passion with them.