Anger of the Unindustrialized

Anger of the Unindustrialized

August 19, 2014

Medium: Ceramics and Glass        Completed: May 2013         Size: 10 ½” x 13” x 9 ¾”

Purpose: Should they have existed in more than our imaginations, dragons might have lived among us and worked with us. What would they feel now towards humans as we forge ahead to our goal of industrialization while destroying the natural world? This dragon, a Shaman of the Magma Clan, looks to the future in his seeing crystal and glimpses only smoke and grinding metal.

I created this piece to present a feeling of discord between the fantasy worlds we enjoy and idolize and the world that we now live in to help us realize that we are not only destroying the habitats of many animal species with our constant expansion, we are also destroying the habitats of our most long lasting dreams.

Recognition: Juror’s Choice at the Bellevue School District Art Show 2013; was to be exhibited at the Bellevue Art Museum