Sorry it’s been a while. Finally had to go back to school, and the start of a new semester is always crazy.
One of the perks of studying game design in SoCal is that Blizzard HQ is really close, and today I get to go on a tour! (I’m internally freaking out, it’s gonna be so awesome)
Anyways, in honor of that I made myself a ‪#‎Hearthstone‬ Pack, and along the way it turned into a wallet!
I’m really happy with it, and I managed it in ~5 hours.
(Brown garment leather, leftover red microsuede, apoxie sculpt, two awful magnets, sandpaper, and some nice metallic paint)

EDIT: Now up for order on Etsy if you’re interested (…/218805573/hearthstone-pack-wallet)