Jace Beleren

Past Cosplay: Summer 2012

Character: Jace Beleren (Female version)

Description: Jace Beleren is a Planeswalker who wields blue magic. His specialty is mental magic: spells of mind-reading, illusion, knowledge, and deception. As a magical prodigy, he delved into lessons of sorcery deeper than the other students in mage academies, and succeeded to the point that even his instructors were suspicious of him. As a specialist in mind magic, he uses his abilities to gaze into the minds of others, discovering even closely guarded secrets. This practice has led him into danger more than once. In fact, his mind magic has helped him discover the existence of planeswalkers and of worlds beyond his own, opening his eyes to an even greater scope of secrets.

Worn to: PAXprime 2012, PAXprime 2013

My verison was actually based off of Makimonster’s Fem!Jace Evening Gown, instead of the actual card because, hey, I’m a girl!


Found some awsome navy microsuade at the craft store (which admittedly matched the colours in the cards better than my refrence image, but whatever).

The arcane markings on the cloak were made by:

“I compiled a pattern for the markings which I printed out and traced onto the fabric and then¬†attached the microsuede fabric to iron-on tranfer paper so I could cut it super easily and then (after much fiddling, re-adjusting, and taping) I ironed it on.”

The pins were made out of super sculpey and painted. (I really want to re do them now that I’m looking back)


Creating and painting the foam breast plate thing and vambraces.

Make up test! (Ignore my gross hair)



At PAX! (I apologize for the terrible quality!)

WIth Brian Kibler:

With an awesome Liliana of the Veil:


Opening of the EMP’s Myth and Magic Event with Mark Rosewater:

I got featured in a Tales from the Pit!


“Ah craft foam. Back to the races converting Fem!Jace into a more realistic/cannon version for a friend. Having trouble modeling his stupid straps because boobs. Ah well.”


Pictures with my boyfriend as Jace!

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