Foam Nightingale Armor

Past Cosplay: 2011-2012

Character: Nightingale from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Description: The Nightingale Trinity, usually called simply the Nightingales, are a trio of highly skilled thieves dedicated to the service of Nocturnal. Members are typically chosen from the higher echelons of the Thieves Guild. Although there is no formal association between the two factions and most guild members are unaware of this arrangement, the Trinity is usually very influential on how the guild operates.

Worn to: PAX 2012

My very first cosplay! I started planning it in December of 2011, but started work on it in May of 2012 due to schoolwork.



My first work was in paper to attempt to figure out how to fit all the pieces together and how to make them.

“Just bought 30 sheets of craft foam from my local Michaels.

They are now sold out. xD”



Cutting out the foam took a while as there were a lot of pieces.

“There are: 32 pieces in the torso armor, 23 in the skirt, 6 in the belt, 4 in each of the vambraces, 2 for each spaulder, 2 greaves, 1 mask =75!”



Looking like a proper Nightingale in black now!



Puff paint time!



It looks like armor!



Hadn’t been able to work on the costume due to school, so in May I started back up again with sealiong and painting following this tutorial. Which means many coats of elmers’s glue + fabric glue and lots of waiting drying to seal the foam. (Since then I’ve used mod podge to seal my armour as it’s simpler, takes less coats and doesn’t crack. )



Adding colour and finishing touches with Rub’n’buff and floor polish!



Aaaaannnndddd…. Done!

I had my mom take a bunch of pictures of me wearing this in our wooded backyard to  mimic Skyrim. the rest of the pictures are under “Cosplay Portfolio” in the header, but here is one of my favorites:


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  1. Your Nightingale armor is really awesome! I’m actually planning on making my own too, and I was just wondering how you attached the backing? Like, where is the opening that you can get in and out of the armor? Thanks!

  2. i love the armor good job

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