About Valkyrie Studios

Hey there! My name is Kat, and ever since I was very small I’ve always been creating things. Experiments in 3D mediums — such as ceramic, glass, metal, and leather work — led to my love of physical creation and sculpting.

The jump from sculpture to cosplay for me was not very big, and I began cosplaying in 2011 and now makes armor, costumes, and props. More recently I’ve realized that it’s become a big part of my identity both as an artist and as a person and want to continue to make even more awesome costumes in the future.

In my a free time I’m a huge gamer and general nerd, playing Magic: the Gathering, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, Dicemasters, Dragon Age, Skyrim, and Assassin’s Creed, various board games, and some sweet indie games like Papers Please and Don’t Starve, among MANY others.

Currently, I’m attending the University of Southern California, majoring in Interactive Media and Game Design, and hoping to focus on game art so that one day I might fulfill my dream of working at Blizzard.

I work my hardest to create screen accurate props and cosplay with a variety of materials and techniques. So far I’ve worked with: craft foam, worbla, leather, various fabrics, resin, metal, paperclay and other air dry clay, sculpey, LED’s, arduinos, and some degree of photoshop.

I’m always open to questions on cosplay or inquiries for tips and advice (which you can send to valkyriestudios@outlook.com) as I don’t believe in “Trade Secrets” and want to create an environment for cosplayers where even beginners can thrive.